Soundproof Sleeping Ear Plugs

Soundproof Sleeping Ear Plugs

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Noise reduction earplugs

Just the right slow rebound time for soft and comfortable sleep

Selected high-quality sponge

Inferior sponges often use cheap raw materials and production equipment. Such earplugs have low density, poor sound insulation effect and uncomfortable ear swelling. Our earplugs are made of ideafoem sponge formula and technology, with stronger sound insulation effect and no ear swelling after long-term wearing.

Just right slow rebound time

The earplug rebounds too fast, which affects the comfort of wearing. It starts to rebound before it is put into the ear canal. The rebound is too slow. You need to hold the earplug with your hand all the time, which affects the use. We use the right rebound time to make your wearing process comfortable and convenient.

Soft and comfortable wearing experience

Soundproof sleep earplugs are made of light and soft materials to make the ears feel quiet and comfortable at the same time.

  • Light weight

  • Slow rebound

  • Fitting ear canal


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