1. These Regulations (hereinafter: "Regulations") define the terms and conditions for accessing the content of website, as well as for providing electronic services to its users via this website.
    2. Entering the site is tantamount to the user's acceptance without reservation or limitation of the provisions of the Regulations.
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    4. Use of the services provided through the site requires at least:
    5. the use of a technically efficient device that allows connection to the Internet (computer or other device);
    6. connection to the Internet (wired or wireless connection);
    7. an Internet browser capable of calling up and viewing hypertext files (HTML) on a computer screen (or other device), or, as far as access to some content is concerned, also in other formats (e.g., PDF, flash).
    8. The owner of the site is not responsible for limitations or problems related to the functioning of the user's computer or other device, as well as those resulting from the functioning of the Internet, which prevent the user from using the services available on the site.
    9. The site may contain references (links) to other sites, services or web portals that are owned by other entities. The owner of the site is not responsible for the content available on other websites to which the links placed on the site refer, and is not responsible for the consequences that may arise from accessing such sites, services or portals, as well as the consequences of using the content placed there or taking advantage of the services made available through them. Use of other websites, services or portals is at the user's own risk and responsibility. The fact of placing a link on the site does not imply endorsement of the materials placed on any other site.
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    11. The cookie settings can be changed in the options of the web browser used by the user. These options or other available technologies also allow you to delete cookies.
    12. Detailed rules for the use of cookies are specified in the Information on cookies for users, which is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions.
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